About Us

PIONEER CONSULTANCY SERVICES was founded in 2013 and spearheaded by M. Ovais Shamsi (M.Com ,  M.Ed). He has been nurturing students since his student life and has about 12 years of teaching experience to youngsters.  During his teaching years he realized that children in India especially in small towns are misinformed, regarding their education and careers.  For example, a candidate may have a caliber of marketing but must have done engineering as their friends or family may be doing so, hence ending up doing an engineering job in a poor manner.  There are often obstacles and challenges of many kinds with many students, but many of us in this world today are doing jobs and businesses that we are not passionate about. This vacuum needed to be filled, hence the need for PIONEER CONSULTANCY SERVICES.  

PIONEER takes pride in introducing itself as a young and rapidly growing consultancy services company, providing consultancy services in education, career and entrepreneurship. We connect people to organisations, skilled to the skill seekers, guidance to the upcoming generation for their careers and growth.

Our mission is to guide our youth study the right curriculum according to their caliber and take up careers that they are passionate about rather than following the crowd.

EVERYONE IS AN ACHIEVER:  We help everyone realize their hidden potentials through educational and career guidance and try to connect them with their rightful team who will value their caliber morally and financially.